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How we got here

Inspired by a friend to "try something new", Dana began making soap in 2015. Soap making was a 'hobby' that wasn't supposed to go anywhere. Making a batch to share with family and friends was where the fun was to end. Or not. 

After reading ingredient labels on commercial soaps, Dana realized that she was making something special. No harsh chemicals and beneficial base oils such as olive and coconut provide a wonderful soap. 

In 2017, Dana decided it was time to open a business so she could share her craft. Not knowing what to name the company, she was talking to her dog , Indy  (yes, she talks to her dog), who was rescued at a dump in Louisiana. She realized that a picture of Indy would make the perfect logo for the company. Dubbed her "Little Black Dog", Indy was the inspiration for the company name. 

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